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Meet Pop Ups SA

Pop Ups SA 


I would like to introduce you to Rebecca.



Rebecca is the face behind Pop Ups SA.


Rebecca is a Mummy to 4 amazing children. Her eldest daughter is 15, twin 13 year old girls and a 5 year old son.


Rebecca has been married to her wonderful husband for 17 years.


In her work life, Rebecca started helping out in the family business at 16 with customer relations, photographer and writer of training manuals, payroll and accounts payable. Rebecca then went on to pursue her career in Hairdressing and has been qualified for 20 years.


Over the past 20 years Rebecca has been working within the retail sector, training and customer service. She has managed 3 small businesses with success.


Rebecca has been running her own hobby business and has been involved in the market scene for 4 years. Rebecca traded with Pop Ups previously and saw what a great experience and help it can be for a hobbyist and small business.


Rebecca jumped at the chance and purchased Pop Ups SA in 2014.


Pop Ups SA has grown in amazing ways since, with many wonderful local and South Australian businesses enjoying the opportunity and success that Pop Ups SA can provide.


In 2015, Rebecca launched Pop Ups SA first two markets, run in conjunction with a local community centre, with great success! Even drawing interest from the local Mayor.


Pop Ups SA first launched into local shopping centres in 2013.




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