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Retailer - Terms & Conditions.

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All retailers will need to be approved by Pop Ups SA and Westfield Brandspace.

All retailers will be required to agree and stick to the following terms.

All retailers are required to represent Pop Ups SA in a professional manner.



Applications are open to any business type, however Pop Ups SA reserves the right to select retailers who are the right fit and product type for the Event taking place.  We will not approve more than one type of business to trade per day at the same location without prior communication with effected retailers.

Anyone who wishes to apply must fill out and submit the online application for the event they wish to apply for. Once submitted you will receive an emailed copy of your application form to say it has been received and your application is being processes. You will then receive an official email with our response of an acceptance or decline within 3-5 business days. Applicants are not permitted to say they are attending before they have been approved to trade.


Booking Deposit & Payments: 

All deposits are non-refundable.

A $50 booking fee is to be paid when you submit an application for any Pop Ups SA event. One booking fee per Event. An event is classified as one location during the same week. 

You will only receive a refund of the booking fee if you are not approved for the event. 
If you are approved for the event the $50 will go towards your invoice. 

If you pull out of an event, you will forfeit your $50 application fee regardless of the reason.
Please do not pay for the whole event until you receive your acceptance email. 

Payments are strictly 7 days from the acceptance letter.

Pop Ups SA reserves the right to cancel bookings of retailers whose fee remains unpaid after the seven day cut off. Should you no longer be able to attend your booked event, your fee is forfeited. If you require longer than 7 days to pay your fee, please contact WITHIN the 7 days to make a mutually agreed date. If the amount is not paid by the new date, your booking will be cancelled and monies forfeited.

All retailers are required to paid their site fees in full a week prior to the start day of trading commences.

Failure to pay fees by due dates will affect your chances of attending future Pop Ups SA events.

A $15 fee will be added to each invoice sent past the due date. Refunds will not be given for change of mind or illness.

Pop Ups SA reserves the right to increase its trading fees at any time. This will be done in accordance with venue lease charges, advertising charges and any other operating costs including Christmas trading.


Public Liability:

It is recommended that all retailers have public liability insurance.

If you don’t have your own insurance, you participate as a Pop Up retailer at your own risk. Pop Ups SA's insurance will cover the event space only. Individual retailers, products and property (including display, stands, props and personal items) are not covered under this insurance.

If a vendor does have insurance, you must insure you have checked the correct box on our online application form. Everyone that has their own insurance is required to provide a copy before they trade at the event. Insurance should be true and correct and all products that you sell on the day should be attached to your insurance.


Booking Refunds:

Fees are non refundable.


Product Disclosure:

All retailers are required to provide a detailed list of products they wish to sell at the event on the application form. All products should comply with OHS and Product Safety Standards within Australia. It is up to the seller to make that their items are up to standards.  



Retailers are required to communicate via email, private traders group or facebook page.

Retailers are not permitted to contact via personal message to facebook profile.

For all enquiries our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Selling Space:

All retailers are required to choose a unit for every event on application.

Retailers are only allowed to sell within the approved selling space.

Under no circumstances should your setup flow outside of the approved selling space.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell in someone else's selling space without permission. Under no circumstance should you approach a customer while they are at someone else's site.



What you are given per 1 stall space:
            * A STEP UNIT (unless otherwise specified on the application form)

            * Room for an extra ladder/stand/shelving unit which is stacked to the left or right,
            next to your table. No bigger than : 45cm x 80cm base measured

            *Advertising of your business and day of trade via facebook
*NOTE: Advertising is not solely Pop Ups SA responsibility. By committing to a Pop Ups SA event you are also committing to advertising your attendance on your own facebook page, website and other means.

If you wish to use a clothes rack, please advise upon accepting the booking.
This will be classed as 1 stall space. 

You will not receive a table unless you make a double booking.
All clothing racks used will be supplied by Pop Ups SA.

No items that are placed on the floor are permitted without approval from Pop Ups SA BEFORE the start of event.

  *NOTE : ALL TABLES AND CLOTHES RACKS ARE SUPPLIED BY POP UPS SA AND HAVE BEEN NEGOTIATED AND APPROVED VIA WESTFIELD. You CANNOT use your own clothes racks or tables at any event. Everything that is going on the floor that is not the tables we provide MUST be approved by Pop Ups SA.*

A Table may be classed as one of the following:
(confirmation of what will be supplied will be given with bump in information)  


Step Display Unit:
120cm long x 60cm wide and 80cms high. 



Crate Display Unit:
110cm long x 60cm wide and 140cm high



Clothes Rack: 
120cm long x 30cm wide and 140cm high


 Even if you have traded with us before every single site is a new booking and you must tell us for each booking what you are planning to take.  What you set up with affects each days set up and lay out.


 A key will be provided for units that have lockable storage. It is your responsibility to ensure the key is returned at the end of your trade. Any keys misplaced will need to be replaced at your own cost.




All retailers should have an attractive set up. All displays should be secure with no risk of collapsing or falling over.




All retailers are required to wear a black or white clean top to look uniform at their stand every day.
No singlets, spaghetti straps or crop tops will be permitted.
Clothing must be neat and tidy and professional looking.
No short shorts, thongs etc.
If the retailers has an article of clothing that promotes their own business name, this will be permitted.




All retailers are responsible for their own commercial rubbish. Boxes, bubble wrap, displays, food waste and anything else deemed commercial rubbish is required to be taken home with you or placed within a rubbish bin.




At every event retailers are required to move their vehicles to a designated car park. We require you to move your vehicles due to Westfield’s terms and conditions. Pop Ups SA will not be held responsible for any parking Infringements you may receive.


Retailers Refund Policy:


All stores are required to display a refund policy and issue a refund if the product is faulty.
We encourage you to clearly display a refund policy on site at every event.


Food Retailers:


Anyone who has applied to be a food vendor must have a current FBN number registered with the council in which the event is being held. All food vendors are required to show a current certificate for public and product liability.



Should you request use of power, it is required that all electrical items be tested & tagged. Any items not tested & tagged will not be permitted. That includes mobile phone chargers. Centres have the right to remove any electrical items not tagged and can ask you to leave.


Trade Hours:

Trade hours are set in accordance to each centres trading hours. Failure to arrive and set up prior to set time will result in a $15 fine. 

Pack up is not to start until close of trade. Leaving the site early will result in a fine of $15 per half hour your site is unattended.

All retailers are required to trade for the entire length of the centres opening times.

Monday-Saturday 9am - 5pm, Thursday 9am-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm.


Pop Ups reserves the right to change these trading times depending on what the shopping centre may be trading with special events.


You must be set up prior to the start of trade.  A photo of your complete setup must be forwarded to Pop Ups SA before the start of trade every single morning.  Pop Ups SA has to forward these photos to Centre Management to make sure we are meeting their standards. 


It is sometimes available to set up your space at the end of a day’s trade.  If you choose to do this, you leave your goods at your own risk in the shopping centre.  You must not start setting up before close of trade for that day.  You must cover your stock with a clean sheet (or similar).  If you want to set up the night before, please contact Pop Ups SA to make sure it is okay to do so.


If you are trading more than one day in a row you may also choose to leave your stall set up.  You leave your goods at your own risk in the shopping centre.  You must cover your stock at the end of the day with a clean sheet (or similar).


Please do not leave money or valuables at the site overnight.


Even if you set up the evening prior or have traded the day prior you must be at your stall and set up prior to beginning of trade.  Please do not arrive at beginning of trade (8.30am or 10.30am) and expect to be organized. Changes can arise which can affect you even if you are set up.


If you will be bringing your own, stands, ladders or any display item that will sit on the floor, it must be approved via Pop Ups SA before EACH event. Anything that is not approved, you will be asked to remove it.


A photo of your set up MUST be sent via email, facebook page or traders group 30 minutes before start of trade EACH day. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of any future bookings.  



No pull up banners are allowed in any site unless Pop Ups SA branded. Due to height and space restrictions, pull up banners aside from Pop Ups SA banners (where approved) will not be accepted. All displays must be under 1.4mtrs unless otherwise notified.
To create an eye catching and appealing presentation, Pop Ups SA signage may be used on the front of each table. This is the only table front signage that is accepted. Retailers are encouraged to make use of tabletop displays to promote their brand -business cards, flyers etc.




It is compulsory that all accepted retailers do their part in marketing. We understand that not everyone uses social media, however there are many ways of promoting your presence at an event and all retailers should choose at least one of the options below:



            Spread the word to friends and family and encourage them to come along and spread the word to other friends.
            Tell customers where they can find you at events you attend leading up to your next event.


            Social Media:

            Encourage your followers to attend your next event.
            A discount or promotion may make your customers want to come and see you.
            Promote other businesses who will be attending the event with you.

Do not forget to tag Pop Ups SA.





Retailers should always respect one another when attending events.
If you have disagreements with another business they are to be put aside for the day.
Under no circumstance should any retailers display disruptive behaviour whilst they are attending an event.
Retailers should respect all other retailers around them, customers and the event organiser.



All retailers are required to have a neat and tidy display.


All retailers are required to have a sales assistant at the stand at all times.


All retailers are required to trade for the entire length of the centres opening times. Monday-Saturday 9am - 5pm, Thursday 9am-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm.


All retailers must display a refund policy.


All retailers are required to keep up housekeeping, meaning there should be no rubbish left in visibility of a customer, products and tables should be kept dust free.


All retailers are required to leave the site in the condition it was found in.


All retailers trading longer than one day are required to pack away or cover products over night.


Pop Ups SA will not be held responsible for any stolen goods at any time of trade.


Retailers who do not abide by the terms and conditions may risk having their site cancelled and asked to leave the centre.


Pop Ups SA reserves the right to cancel your site at any time.


Non Attendance on day of booked event without any communication will cause all future bookings to be cancelled or not accepted.


Retail space cannot be transferred to another retailer. This is to ensure the right mix of retailers are trading each day to avoid unnecessary clashes/conflict of interest. 

Table sharing between two businesses is not allowed. Neither is selling products from another business under your booking. 


Booking a double site (two tables) does not allow two businesses to trade under the one booking. This is deemed as two separate business/bookings and you will be charged the full booking fee.


Every day of trade there will be a floor plan drawn out for each event.  Please read this and set up according to it. 


Tables are not to be moved from the set positions.  Nor do we allow businesses to swap tables or use spare/empty tables or clothes racks to suit themselves. 


Any changes must go through Pop Ups SA.


Extra stands or display pieces must be approved by Pop Ups SA for every event.  Pieces are not always able to be approved due to space or centre management restrictions.


Any images you upload with your application form, or on to our facebook page may be used on the Pop Ups SA website or Facebook page or passed onto a third party (shopping centre management) for further approval. If you do not wish for your images/logos to be used in this way, please speak to the Pop Ups SA. All Pop Ups SA images remain the property of Pop Ups SA.


It is requested that for safety and a professional image, that minors (14yrs and under) not be present during trading hours of the pop up shop. Each trader is allowed no more than two staff. Please speak to event manager should this cause any problems. 


Staff must keep to their own area and cannot stand in the general mall area or "spruke". Staff cannot stand with in other traders areas, regardless how many traders there are.


If retailers have more than one staff member, or have someone other than the person named on the application form working at any point, their full name, phone number and rostered days will be provided to Pop Ups SA. 
All staff members/workers must adhere to all terms and conditions and it will be held against the named business contact if any breach is made.


Approaching customers who are at other trader’s tables/set up is not allowed. You must wait until the transaction is finished.

Interrupting other traders and their customers will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.


Any damage incurred to any of the provided tables, cloths, signage, props and venue will be invoiced to the retailer. 


It is expected that each retailer will keep the trading space clean and professionally presented. It is also expected that all table cloths or tables will be brushed down free of dirt/crumbs and all rubbish removed from the trading space at the end of each day. If you sell items such as candles and flowers that leave debris on the table, then it is expected that you clean the table with spray and wipe after you finish trading.


Under no circumstances are tables allowed to be nailed, blue tacked, taped or altered in anyway.


Pop Ups SA cannot guarantee sales on any given trading day. Pop Ups SA will ensure the correct channels of advertising are used, when and where available, to create maximum impact of each event.


It is up to the individual retailer to prepare their trading space in an eye appealing and professional manner and to ensure they understand the centre which they have chosen to trade in, possible competition (within the event venue) and other Pop Up traders. A professional image is essential to the appearance of Pop Ups SA and it is expected that all retailers will uphold and do their best to maintain and work with the images and themes provided. It is up to the retailer to have all the necessary display props to ensure their set up is as eye catching and appealing as possible. Flat displays without height and depth are frowned upon. For ideas and inspiration visit the Pop Ups SA Facebook page, pintrest or your local market.


We will supply some chairs/stools to each event.  Centre management does not generally like traders sitting down. We have negotiated this by having a few there, and promising that our traders will not sit all day.


Pop Ups SA will provide as much information to each retailer as possible - including set up times, car parking, advertising undertaken, other traders etc. it is the responsibility of each retailer to understand the Final Information presented to them along with the Pop Ups SA Terms & Conditions.


Pop Ups SA will not be responsible for any fines occurred through parking, failing to meet trade requirements or for any other reason.


Westfield reserve the right to change the site location within the centre at any time. This is out of Pop Ups SA's control. You will be notified via email of any changes.


Most set ups allow storage underneath the table provided.  It is a must that anything not on display has to be stored underneath the table in a clean and professional manner. If your extra stock or boxes/tubs etc. do not fit under the table, then once you have set up please store them in your car.


Pop Ups will sometimes set up their own display pieces.  If you come to set up and they are on your designated table, please take them off and place under your table neatly in the Pop Ups box.  If the next day, there is no one on your table please set the display pieces back up. Please do not spread out onto the display tables if you have not been told to.


If for some reason a stallholder does not turn up for trade, please contact Pop Ups SA immediately and we will advise what to do.  Do not spread out into their space unless we have allowed you to do so.


If you do the wrong thing or think you can just bring whatever you feel like you can be asked by centre management or Pop Ups SA to pack up and leave, with no refund for the day’s trade.


As well as the photos you give us and we pass on every day the centre management take photos of the set up and pass them onto both of us and our third party who coordinates the bookings.  This may happen at any time of trade without warning.


Please remember what you do every day has a flow on effect of what we can do and what we might be able to set up in the future.


Aggression, rudeness, complaining or bitching to Pop Ups SA, Customers, traders or the centre will result in security being called and being removed from the site. Fees will not be refunded and any damage to your stock will not be held responsible by Pop Ups SA.


Any feedback, positive or negative, should be presented directly to Pop Ups SA in an appropriate way. Feedback can be presented via phone or email. Abuse, bullying or public slandering of Pop Ups SA and its retailers through social media or any other channel, will not accepted and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Any trader caught stealing from Pop Ups SA or another trader will be asked to leave immediately and will not be allowed to trade again. All sites are monitored via CCTV 24/7.




All retailers are required to agree to Pop Ups SA’ terms and conditions by checking the box at the bottom of every application form. We trust that you have read and agreed by checking this box. Anyone who fails to comply with the terms and conditions could result in a lifetime ban from trading with Pop Ups SA and Westfield.

It is assumed that the terms and conditions have been read if an application has been submitted, regardless of payment.


By submitting the booking form, you agree to all stall holder terms and conditions. 



Pop Ups SA Fees: 


 Fees are charged in accordance with centre lease fees, advertising charges and operating costs.


Trading Fees


West Lakes, Golden Grove Village and Ingle Farm


All Days


One day: $120 single / $180 double
Two days: $200 / $250
Three days: $250 / $300 
Four days: $300 /350
Five days: $350 / $400
Six days: $400 / 450
Seven days: $450 / $525


Elizabeth and Westfield Tea Tree Plaza


All Days


One day: $150 single / $225 double
Two days: $250 / $300
Three days: $300 / $350
Four days: $350 / $400
Five days: $400 / $450
Six days: $450 / $500
Seven days: $500 / $605


Westfield Marion


All Days


One day: $170 single / $250 double
Two days: $250 / $325
Three days: $330 / $400
Four days: $410 / $475
Five days: $500 / $550
Six days: $550 / $600
Seven days: $600 / $650



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