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How does Pop Ups Work?

Pop Ups SA hires a space in a shopping centre. We then release the dates and locations on facebook and our website. 
If you have an amazing business that wants to expand their customer base to a different clientele then you jump on our website and fill in an application form for the day or days you would love to trade.


How will it benefit my business?

Pop Ups SA can benefit your business, hobby or online business in a variety of ways.

You only have to apply for as many days you can handle. You have a child free Wednesday? Book for just that one day. Or you can do multiple days!!

You will utilize Pop Ups SA equipment, so you do not have to lug around tables to and from the event.

Your business will be exposed to thousands of people per day.

Advertising for your business through Pop Ups SA and a variety of other businesses.

Pop Ups SA is a registered, insured and approved (to lease out sites to others) business. We are unlike other people who may offer a position, as we meet all the legal requirements.


What is a single booking?

A single booking is one wooden unit on one day of trade.


What is a double booking?

A double booking is having two single sites put together, so basically two wooden units on one day of trade.

We have other configurations we can use depending on your requirements.  So you may want:

two step units or

one step unit and one clothes rack or

one step unit and one crate unit or

one crate unit and one clothing rack or

two clothing racks

The choices are up to you.

*please see the terms and conditions for descriptions of units*


Can I share a booking? 

No. As we have separated each day into six individual spots, having two businesses share one table would just be too crowded. Our prices are set low enough that they are affordable to trade within a shopping centre.


What are the hours of trade?

Pop Ups SA follow regular trade hours unless otherwise specified.

Monday 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 9am -5pm

Wednesday 9am -5pm

Thursday 9am -9pm

Friday 9am -5pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 11am - 5pm


Will I be trading by myself?

We will always endevour to have a minimum of two traders per day so no one trades alone. There will be occasions where we can not fulfill that, but we will always inform you if this is to be the case. There is a maximum of six traders each day of trade.


Why are you more expensive than a market?

Pop Ups SA is not a market. We run out of shopping centres which has a larger amount of foot traffic than a market. We also run for normal shopping trade hours as opposed to a few hours. Centres charge us for the hire of the site and they charge according to how many shoppers walk through the doors each year. Our prices are very cheap compared to the cost of booking the site for one day.


Will my business be suitable to apply?

We love having new and exciting businesses join our Pop Up family. While we have many business who are successful, we can not predict how each individual business will trade. We use the rule of six. It can take up to six times of seeing or hearing about your business before a customer will feel comfortable purchasing from your business.


How do I apply?

Our application process is simple. We have a special APPLY HERE tab on the top menu of our web page. The application is simple to fill out with your details and what you wish to sell and the dates you would like to trade. Once your application has been sent and your deposit has been paid, we will review your application and let you know if you have been successful. You will always hear from Pop Ups SA even if you have not been successful. 


Do I have to pay an application fee?

Yes. Your application will not be considered until this deposit of $50 has been paid. If your application is successful the deposit will go towards your invoice. For example: one days trade $150 - $50 deposit =$100 left owing. If your application is unsuccessful we will refund your deposit within a week of email.


How do I pay?

We have two options for payments:

You can make payments via by depositing into our bank account. 

Pop Ups SA bsb 105198 acc 068535640


through the paypal website using our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How do I know what days have vacancies?

When a day is booked out, we remove that day from the drop down box on the application form. If a date does not appear, it is not available.


When do I set up?

We send out a BUMP IN PACK via email prior to the start of the event. This has all the details in it. Set up can occur anytime from 7am on the day of trade. You must be set up and ready for trade by 8.30am. If you are unsure how long it takes you to set up we recommend a mock set up at home to time. You will need to add driving time and unpacking time. You may be able to set up the night prior to you day of trade but this must be done after trade closes for the day, you must cover your setup with a bed sheet or tarp. Leaving items is at your own risk.


Where do I park?

Parking locations are provided within the BUMP IN PACK. But common sense should always be used. We will not be held liable for any parking infringements.


What do I need to bring?

For a single booking, Pop Ups SA supplies each trader with one wooden lockable unit with key, signage, insurance, advertising and a chair. Each trader needs to bring their stock, float/change and a smile.


Can I use my own banner?

Pop Ups SA wants to promote your business!! This is why we are here!! It is all about getting your small business out there and being able to afford a place you wouldn't normally be able to afford.
We cannot allow each and every trader to have their own signage as then it will not become a uniform look. And as we hire the space as Pop Ups SA the shopping centres want us to have a clean uniformed look.

BUT we encourage and LOVE you to have your own flair in your set up!! 
Use your logo where you can, in a photo frame placed nicely – flyers, business cards, uniforms etc etc Your set up is not limited on the table to display your amazing business!!

By using Pop Ups branding, it unites all traders together and gives a uniform look which is a requirement set by all centres.

By having customers know and recognize the Pop Ups SA name and logo means that they trust Pop Ups traders and know that each trader is of a reputable nature.


What are your terms and conditions?

You can find our full terms and conditions via this link:


> current as of 01/01/2016 <


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